As a student in Denmark you will meet lots of new friends and challenging tasks. Here is some useful information to help you on your way.

A membership of Teknisk Landsforbund gives you numerous benefits both as a student and when you enter the job market.

We invite you and your fellow students for social events. We provide financial support for your study. And we ensure that you are covered by an accident insurance.

And for you as a student it is for free!



  • Survival guide
  • The difference between a Union and A-kasse

    Please be aware that Union and A-kasse is not the same thing.

    A-kasse is like an insurance - you get Unemployment benefits in case you should loose your job.

    A Union helps you with problems that can occur during a job, for instance how to understand your jobcontract, if you get ill, if you are not paid the correct salary, if you get fired without good reason and all these kind of things. So the Union helps you with legal things, and also Unions works on the overall plan to get bettet conditions (e.g. salary) for their members.

  • What do I get for my TL membership

    Study trip
    TL can give you financial support for your study trip. Contact your local TL-department for more information. The local department can also help if you want to arrange a visit to a company.

    Free accident insurance
    For more information contact TL's student office, tlf.: 3343 6618

    TL has entered into some advantageous agreements with a number of suppliers. The agreements allow our members to save money. TL is not responsible for the agreements, and you decide if you want to make use of the offers.
    Read more about member offers

    Events and courses
    As a member of the Technical Federation, you can get help and inspiration to make the most of your education. Take advantage of our course offerings and events. They allow you to develop and enhance your creativity, networking and being updated within your subject.
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  • Become part of the TL student network
  • Possibility to gain experience
  • Student jobs