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Are you looking for a strong community and support system in your working life? Joining Teknisk Landsforbund (TL) can offer you just that.

TL is a union and unemployment fund for technicians, designers, and constructors, with over 25,000 members. As a member, you can benefit from better working conditions, legal assistance if you face problems at work.

Moreover, TL offers its members access to targeted courses, networking opportunities, and discounts on purchases, holidays, and insurance.

By becoming a member of Teknikernes A-Kasse, you can also receive unemployment benefits and professional advice tailored to your industry. Additionally, TL Salary Insurance can provide you with extra financial security, guaranteeing 80% of your income if you become unemployed.

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If you have questions, call us on +45 3343 6450 (union + a-kasse) or write to us at