About Teknisk Landsforbund (TL)

Established in 1919, Teknisk Landsforbund (The Danish Association of Professional Technicians) is a trade union for technicians and designers. Most of our members are salaried employees, others have managerial tasks and some are freelancers or self-employed.

Teknisk Landsforbund also has an unemployment fund, TAK (Teknikernes A-Kasse/Technicians unemployment fund). 

Teknisk Landsforbund has around 30.000 members, including members from TAK. 

Our members all carry out work related to technical works and/or design. Divided among a wide variety of educations, they all work with construction, planning, design or calculation. Their common trade mark is their ability to transform ideas into functional, practical and specific solutions. 

Teknisk Landsforbund takes care of our members´ interests in terms of conditions of employment and salary. We also offer guidance and advice when it comes to our members´ career prospects and opportunities for education. 

Our aim is to support and encourage our members´ professionalism, development and life at work. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.